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Scenic run or walk to Salt Creek Beach and back past the golf links and botanical garden

Enjoy a scenic run on the beach followed by a challenging climb back to the hotel.

Short on time? See some of the best San Francisco has to offer on this run!

This site preserves an area of high quality wetlands and streams, including Cypress Creek a blackwater stream, that buffer the northwest fork of the federally-designated Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River. Its unique topography is suited for all types of experience and fitness levels.

From flat and open to hilly, wooded and twisty, this trail offers a variety of challenges for all skill levels along with diverse scenery.

A scenic waterfront route along the Tampa Bay.

This scenic preserve is on 1,637 acres between Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach.

Loop around the Monarch Beach Golf course.

Scenic and challenging run down to Salt Creek beach, then up stairs and along the trail around Dana Point returning through Hilltop Park, back down to the beach and back up the stairs

Very scenic and challenging run along beaches, harbor and through parks of Dana Point.

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