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Out-and-back Araby Trail hike #hotel5k - Parker Palm Springs
Route difficulty: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ [out-and-back hike] Optionally walk or run the first 0.6 miles to reach the trailhead. This out-and-back hiking trail takes you past the Elrod House (which appeared in a number of movies) and the Bob Hope House (which is shaped like a flying saucer) and to a wonderful view of the valley. The Araby trail hugs the side of Southridge Dr. on the left hand side. Beautiful views of the valley and Bob Hope's house. Distance: 4.1 up to 6.5 miles. Elevation Gain: 1400 feet+. Difficulty: moderate to strenuous. 6.5 miles gets you to a high lookout point. Driving directions: Exit the Parker and turn left on Cherokee Way. Immediately turn right on E. Palm Canyon. Follow E. Palm Canyon about 1/4 mile, past the car dealerships and the mobile home park. Turn left where the Araby trail head is at Southridge Drive. (Southridge Dr is easy to spot due to being lined on both sides by palm trees.) Important notes: These trails are remote and challenging. Pack in case you need to take care of yourself, even for overnight. Hike with a friend or tell a friend where you will be hiking. Carry more water than you think you need, at least one liter per hour. Do not continue hiking when half of your water is gone. Protect yourself from the run: sunscreen, layers, hat, sunglasses, and good footwear. The weather can change quickly. Know your route. Beware of rattlesnakes, and watch where you put your hands and feet. keep children near you. Stay on the trail.

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