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Chidori #GPSart - Conrad Tokyo
Route difficulty: ⭐️⭐️⭐️ [jog] This is a course in the shape of a flying plover "Chidori." Today, enjoy a unique challenge to run a path to draw an image of Chidori, created by local GPS artist known as Mojigumi. What is Chidori? on the 28th floor of Conrad Tokyo we have an art piece called: 風の翼 ON THE WINGS OF THE WIND by Satoru Kawagoe. More about the Chidori: The corridor with a high ceiling is just like a sheer gorge. The artist placed these art pieces here in the image of wind blowing in this symbolic space connecting completely different views of the gardens and the city. The flying birds give a serene, uplifting atmosphere to the space. Chidori birds lives near the water and because the hotel is next to the Tokyo Bay, the artist made the hotel alive with waves and birds. All city view rooms has a little bird seating on the branch above the bed and in the bay view rooms has about to fly which resists the city and fly to the water. You can pass through Shiba Park where Tokyo Tower is located, temples, and business districts such as Roppongi and Toranomon. (Please walk when passing the temple)

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